Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ?

The is an ongoing 24x7 event management organization that has part time jobs in all parts of the year and for all ages.

2. Mode of payment?

The mode of payment is always and only cash.the payment is done at the promised date, after the completion of the event

3. What to do after joining in an event?

After joining, the freelancer will be briefed and welcomed by JS Matt Organization and the date and time where the freelancers should report will be informed through phone.

4. What in case of delayed payment?

If the payment is delayed, the freelancer will be paid with extra incentives and allowances for each day by the organization.

5. Is multi-event participation allowed?

Yes, multi-event participation is allowed unless there is a clash between two simultaneous events.

6. Can I depart from an event half-way?

No, you cannot depart and if you do, the organization does not take any responsibility to pay you for the previous day’s also. We need commitment.

7. Where do I check my event pinging?

You can check your events in the Matt Jobs Page.

8. Are there any limitations or boundaries to join an event in JS Matt?

No, there is no age limit or boundaries to join an event in JS Matt unless the freelancer indulges himself i smoking boozing or misbehavior.

9. How will I get information about an upcoming event?

All the updates of an upcoming event will be updates in

10. What if the position in an event is full?

You can still register yourself about your desired position and you will be given the opportunity if an event existing freelancer leaves.

11. I am an anchor | Host | emcee | model. Can I join with JS Matt?

Yes you can. Please post your portfolio to

12. What if I encounter an error or if I have a query?

You are always welcome to post your