Should students get part-time jobs

there are more reasons as student to get part time jobs. It gives us exposure and learning and money.

STUDENT SOCIETY directs Part time jobs (Chennai)

Working one weekend will meet the needs of a student for a week. Means independence and never a burden.

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What exactly student society work for ?
Chapter 1 - Chennai

hello everyone , We feel one among you. why was this student society found?
Yes here is the answers for you all. We are a forum, which currently based in Chennai directing students and providing Part time jobs which is working online and offline.

Part time Jobs

We provide you part time jobs and suggestions on best online platforms to earn.

Startups ideas forum

Startups ideas discussion with experts and analysts

Students Chapter

we formulate city based students chapter forming a 7 member group working on a Startup.

How does this work?

Become a Member

register yourself on Student society forum and get access to all part time jobs and links to learning platform.

Get Earnings

You will be earning from part time jobs or discussion on startup ideas or build a product with Students chapter

No Registration FEE

Lets build together
[NO Registration Fee.]



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