About Us

Student Society

Student Society has all time vacancy for Students which are classified according to the requirements of an event.

The general classification are:

  1. Designer
  2. Emcee
  3. Promoter
  4. Artist
  5. Content writer

JS MATT - Student Society facilitates part time and full time jobs for various ages. Students above 18 years of age and candidates who are interested in meeting and exploring the minds of business tycoons and clients are given the most sophisticated space in JS Matt organization.

Each individual is expected to express his/her own talent under various business domains. Yes!! JS Matt organization has been playing a vital role in many and has brought out the best in every individual who enrolled themselves in JS MATT - Student Society.

An event is never possible without the organizers. The organizers make an event possible by delegating their responsibilities to the freelancers who have indulged themselves in Matt Jobs.

These freelancers don’t just work to earn, they work to develop their attitude and their way of living. By being a part time worker in JS matt, candidates have completed their full time studies in various universities.

As mentioned, Matt Jobs is in no way related to marketing and business. No individual in JS Matt organization will be delegated to sell any product or brand name walking the streets.

Every freelancer is a privileged executive in command and they are the masters in maintaining, observing, organizing, planning and of course a VIP in JS Matt Organization.



A PROMOTER is the one who speaks to various clients and takes a deeper step in explaining about the various promoting entities he/her is provided with. In this way a promoter plays his role to get more clients and initiates momentum for the organization to take a great leap.


An EMCEE is the one who, by their right attitude and their style of speech impress and attract people to take a longer gaze into the organization.


A DESIGNER plays his/her role in foreseeing the order of the events before they come alive. The designer also has a diversified purpose in patterning and styling prior action.


An ARTIST brings the outline and lights on the expression for all designs and plans.


The CONTENT WRITER is the one who by his/her thoughtful and pleasant deeds, prove that ”The pen is mightier than the sword”.